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STETHOSCOPE: A TOOL OF NURSES TRADE- since 1930s by Nr. Reuben Zirahgi Markus of Unimaid

Nurses today use their stethoscopes for a myriad of procedures and assessments. They garner data about a patient’s physiological status, interpret this data, and use it to provide excellent, competent care, and do all of this while keeping the patient at the center of their professional work.

Nurses use stethoscopes on a daily basis in multiple ways that, in conjunction with nursing knowledge and skill, matter to patient care and patient outcomes.

Nurses Use stethoscope for any nursing procedure that requires the use of stethoscope, so therefore hang it around your neck or palazo scrub pocket to ease remembrance.

Nursing Students’ on training are not an exception, adopt the real procedures and know how to improvise in some situation.

Nr. Reuben M. Zirahgi
_The Nurse with discipline Cares_

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