Guideline on how to submit your article.

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  1. Name – Your full name.
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  3. Post Tittle – The title of your article.
  4. Post Tag(s) – Keywords to group your article based on similar details.
  5. Anti-Spam Question – A simple question to prove you are a human.
  6. Category – You can choose a category based on your article or fill in a category related to your article e.g. Health, entertainment, etc.
  7. Post Content – The article itself
  8. Upload a picture related to your article which will be featured on the post on the website preferred image size is 1500*1500.
  9. Agree to the terms by checking the box.
  10. Click on the submit box to submit your article.
  11. Want to upload another article, kindly press the “reset from” button.

NB: Whatever you post on the website does not automatically become accessible to the general public until thoroughly edited and scrutinized by the Editors for appropriateness.

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