World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022

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“Is it only menstrual pain she’s doing like this for?”

She hissed.

I heard her. I wasn’t eavesdropping. It was a ladies’ hangout. Another lady was obviously in pain. She held her abdomen. She cringed in pain. I expected we would understand her pain and show empathy.

But I couldn’t believe what my ears just heard. Especially coming from another lady.

This may be unrelated to this year’s world menstrual hygiene day theme but it should be addressed. Let’s talk about this.

There may be varying degrees to which people experience menstrual pain; some mild, others unbearable. But pain is pain. It is unfair to undermine another’s experience of pain or say that they are exaggerating theirs.

For some people, menstruation comes normally without any trouble. They could go about their normal businesses, eat what they want and everybody will be fine.

For some others, it takes days of preparation: avoid chocolates, don’t take sugars, stand like this, sit this way, drink warm water, and loads of prayers to not have brain-shattering cramps. Sometimes, they do everything as recommended but still experience pain.

Sister, if yours comes seamlessly. Thank your god and meuve! Don’t make light of another’s pain simply because you can’t relate!

“But in those days, our mothers and grandmothers menstruated without disturbing everybody”

Are we in “those days”?

Do you realize the amount of junks we are exposed to these days? They were more agile and drank bitter leaf juice. Let’s not just go there.

If you can’t be emphatic or don’t have anything better to say, just rest! Zukwanuike!

It is her own menstrual pain. If she says she is in pain, then she is.

Menstruation is a normal physiological process. We should accept it is and respect people’s experiences.

You have any question related to menstruation or menstrual pain, ask below. Or come inbox.

_Halimatu Abdullahi

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