You are currently viewing MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY 2022

Theme: Making Menstruation a Normal Fact of Life by 2030.

The significance of Menstruation in a Female’s life is– without a doubt– irreplaceable. It is most natural process of a Females’ Reproductive functions, thus, Menstrual Hygiene is vital & synonymous to a healthy Reproductive System.

Within the beauty of Menstruation also lies the stigmatisation, inequality and missed opportunities such as skipping school/work/important events. However, Menstruation should no longer be shrouded in shame, discomfort and insecurity– because it is a normal process of life and encompasses every individual; including Males.


As Nurses & Student Nurses, here’s how to join in today’s campaign:


1. Menstrual Hygiene Education

Speaking to people about Menstrual Hygiene has proven to be effective in changing perspectives and improving the menstrual health of communities. You can speak to your patients, family members, friends/colleagues and community members today. Every knowledge shared is useful!


2. Volunteer in Menstrual Hygiene Outreaches/Events

You can always volunteer your skills and knowledge to improving Menstrual Hygiene in communities. Join Initiatives in their events and be a part of enacting change!


3. Get actively involved on Social Media

What better day to share knowledge about Menstrual Hygiene on your Social Media Pages than today! Get online and post about Menstrual Hygiene. Be part of online communities and get involved in the best way you can.


4. Share a Pad. Share a Period.

If you know a person (s) with financial difficulties in getting safe sanitation materials such as sanitary pads; you could give a pack of pads to the person. Sharing a pad is being part of the change. You can also share pads to your immediate community, strangers, and even friends.


Break the Silence!

End the Stigma!

Share a Period!




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