What Nursing Profession is to Me

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I have pondered over this question for about a week now, repeatedly asking myself what the profession means to me, and the answers I got back felt crude and not elaborate, but I’ll share my half baked thoughts anyway…


Nursing exists everywhere around us, inside and outside the hospital wards, it’s a system of care that shines with each patient’s smile when you can provide relief.


It is the skillful manipulation of equipments, the collaboration with other health care teams, the advocacy for clients you didn’t know before a few hours when they were rushed in to the hospital.


It is a warm grip, or a gentle word; a quite smile and a resolute desire to reassure those under your care that everything would be fine and working towards upholding that promise.


Nursing is a constant process, and as a student nurse can be quite overwhelming, that’s probably why my answers felt crude to me; Imposter syndrome kicks in ever so often;

But the thrill of taking the paths many has paved before you and the hope of making that path clearer for those after you, keeps one going.


Nursing is a continuous process, like a chain that holds everything else together.


Happy Nurses week to all Nurses and thank you for all you do.






Marcel T. Onuoha

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