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 Nursing is not just a profession but a lifestyle guiding all you do, your activities, thoughts and actions. Florence Nightingale the mother of nursing poured out herself to care for others.


Personally, nursing has shaped everything about me. It embedded in me qualities like resilience, courage, commitment, empathy, care and kindness which I could not have learned anywhere else. It taught me to own up to my actions and speak out whenever I am in the wrong.


It taught me the importance of human relationships, working together as an active team member and what team work really means. Giving me the opportunity to experience the beginning and the end of life. Oh! How much I wish I can stop people from dying.


Most times, efforts are not appreciated but within you feel a sense of fulfilment when you see that warm smile, when that individual gets back on his feet, when one with a disability puts in effort to help self on your encouragement.


Nursing to me is the best, nothing can be compared to it. A quote from Florence Nightingale which I love so much says, ‘Nursing is an art. It is one of the fine arts, I had almost said the finest of fine arts’.





Akawe Jemimah

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