NUNSA-NANSNM meeting with NMCN BOARD MEMBERS on 9th March 2022

The meeting started around 10:20 am with an opening prayer from Mrs. Stella, the Special Adviser to the registrar.

NUNSA President introduced the NUNSA-NANSNM JOINT COMMITTEE and went ahead to present the agenda for the visit.

  • Inclusion of student leaders in decision making
  • Recommendation of Outstanding students
  • Institutions yet to commence internship program for nurses
  • Intern license extension to two years
  • The Canceled OSCE result

On the issue of inclusion of student leaders, the registrar stated that all correspondence from the council will get to them and also stated that the leaders are always welcome to the council for inquiry and clarification on issues.

Recommendations of outstanding student

The registrar stated that special recognition have always been given to the best graduating students and first-class candidates during induction ceremony but the issue of scholarship to them may not be feasible as there are above 200 institutions in the country offering Nursing and the council won’t be able to provide such for such a large number and won’t be fair to give some and not give others he went ahead to encourage institutions and Faculty/Dept. of Nursing science to put more efforts in encouraging their outstanding students and job should be made available for them in their various institutions

Institutions yet to commence internship program

NUNSA National president discussed extensively the issue of internship and their effects on students she spoke about the institutions yet to commence internship program and the hardship on new nurses, citing the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital as an example and also went ahead to state that the council has given the approval to commence the program since 2020 but the institution is yet to do so.

The registrar talked about working with the head of dept and DNS of the teaching hospital to see that the program is started and assured us that automatic approval will be given to institutions yet to commence the program he went ahead to advise on applying to some private institutions offering the internship program.

On the issue of extending the Internship license to two years, he explained that some members now go to internships more than once thereby preventing others’ chance of getting a placement he discussed the increasing number of internships and the budget of about 13billion for a year. He encourages those who are unable to get a placement within a year to apply for renewal of the license and that the processing takes about 48hours only.

Canceled OSCE result.

The Chairman of the NUNSA-NANSNM joint committee discussed extensively the effect the withheld result had on its members then the blow on the face the cancellation of the result have on members she expresses the committee’s displeasure with the decision of the Board, and explain the trauma the decision have on innocent members.

The HOD of exams explained how the result was scrutinized by scientific analysis and the various investigations carried out, she expressed her bitterness over the result of the investigations and that the council-approved penalty had to be given referring to a similar incidence in 1986.

She encouraged students to be steadfast in their studies and shun malpractice.

The issue of the registration fee was discussed and the following amount was concluded;

New registration- #48,748



OSCE- #15,937

The registrar went ahead to also talk about the integrity of the profession and the fear of breeding half-baked nurses and how the life of the world is in our hands.

For the FTN the NUNSA national president expressed concern about the extortion of its members by institutions and how the council hasn’t stated any approved fee for their registration and most especially those rewriting the OSCE. He went ahead to say that the portal will be opened for them also and that only the approved fee be paid. He went ahead to encourage members to register for exams, indexing, license, and whatever registration is needed by themselves on the council portal and not to the institutions.

The registrar sent a special message to our embers encouraging them to be dedicated to their students and have a changed attitude towards learning and most importantly see other student nurses as professional colleagues irrespective of their institution of study.

The meeting ended with a closing prayer around 11:20 am

In attendance at the meeting were

The registrar/Secretary-General NMCN- Dr. Farouk Umar Abubakar

 Director Nursing, Education Dept. – Mrs. Margaret C. Eze

Director Nursing, Standard and Accreditation – Mr. Ndagi Alhassan.

Deputy Director Nursing, Special Duties – Mr. Yahaya Sumi.

 Assistant Director Nursing, Human Resource – Mr. Emmanuel Udontre.

 Assistant Director Nursing Examination – Mrs. Daughter Sample.

 Assistant Director Nursing/ Special Assistant to the Registrar – Mrs. Stella Godswill.

Personal Assistant to the Registrar – Mrs. Olaniru Oluwaseun

 NUNSA President- Comr. Khadija Motunrayo Musa

NANSNM President- Comr. Abang Victor

Our members are encouraged to note the registration fee of the examination and report any institution asking students to pay more than the required amount. We encourage our members to do the necessary registration online by themselves and try to avoid errors in doing so.


Please be assured of our kind regards.


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