Debunking The Misconception About Male Nurses

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Nursing is a profession within the health care sector that requires hard work, integrity, and dedication. Nurses can treat every patient regardless of gender, but dealing with human sickness and patients who may be crabby and cranky is simply a fact of life for nurses.

Some Misconception About Male Nurses

📌 Common public perception is that men are not suitable to be nurses.

📌 Nursing is not seen as ‘masculine enough’ for most men in their youth.

📌 Institutional gender bias against men inherent in most nursing programs.

📌 Lack of reference to men’s contribution throughout nursing history.

📌 Lack of access to male role models during training and entry to practice.

But People Forget That Male nurses have skills and care-giving strengths that can make nursing an excellent career for them.

As nurse, you are able to help patients and give them a level of comfort and put them at ease, I believe male nurses are now bringing balance to the profession, which benefits patients as a whole because sometimes patients prefer a nurse of a certain sex, particularly for procedures like inserting a catheter, serving a bedpan, or administering EKG. Importantly, the benefits of being a male nurse are the same benefits of being a nurse.

Benefits Of Becoming A Male Nurse

📌 Career Stability: Nursing is a profession that employees can keep for long periods of time and is still satisfied with the work _current and future job needs and career goals.

📌 Stable Pay: Nursing three components of the financial system — financial institutions, financial markets and financial infrastructure—are stable.

📌 Career Flexibility: People often want flexibility in their careers as well _the ability to be more flexible in a career means that you can learn new skills and assume responsibilities outside of your original position. Nursing is a unique field that allows for part-time, full-time, variable, per diem, or combination shifts. And because many male nurses enter the field mid-career, flexibility may be even more prized.

📌 Travel Opportunities: Male nurses who are interested in travel can enter the field of travel nursing to try their hand at learning new skills and traveling to new places.

📌 Scholarships for Male Nurses by the American Association of Male Nurses: There are a variety of scholarships available to prospective male nurses, such as those offered through the American Association of Male Nurses.

Here are key questions to ask yourself before choosing nursing profession:

1. How well do you cope with stress and emergency situations?

Nursing jobs can be stressful at times, if you are someone who can work well under pressure and copes well with stress, you will do well as a nurse.

2. Are you easily offended?

Nurses sometimes come in contact with patients who are hostile or unfriendly. Being easily offended can make your nursing job difficult and stressful quickly.

3. Do you consider yourself to never stop learning?

The field of health care is continuously changing, whether it is a new disease or recently discovered new treatment, nurses learn something new every day. Therefore, a good nurse is always ready to learn more.

4. Are you a team player?

Teamwork is essential in nursing to getting the job done right and improving the patient’s health. Nurses, who enjoy their job, work well with other team members.

Nursing, and healthcare positions are professions that aren’t traditionally even considered by most student-male.

As a known fact, Male nurses are faced with a combination of religious-cultural and organizational challenges in providing patient care without discrimination in clinical settings. In addition to negatively affecting the quality of nursing care and satisfaction for female patients, these problems also create a stressful work environment for male nurses.

And, in my experience, “even less men of color are exposed to the nursing realm,“ I encourage men, especially black men and people of color to 100% consider nursing as a career option. ”


Gemaliura Emmanuel Obadiah.


University Of Maiduguri, Unimaid.

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